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Dinner Tonight: Fried Oyster and Bacon Sandwich

This is not, I repeat, not a BLT variant. I may be fond of the category—and this sandwich certainly does feature a B, L, and a T—but they are little more than solid side players here. No, this is a fried oyster sandwich that just happens to be topped with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It is messy, out of control, and one of the best sandwiches I've devoured in a long time.

I should add that I actually scaled this mad recipe from Donald Link's Real Cajun back a bit. I love bacon as much as the next guy, but I couldn't quite get myself to stack five slices on one sandwich.

Six fried oysters on each sandwich is certainly indulgent enough, right? The rest of the toppings accentuate the flavor and also add to the mess factor. This is one sandwich where you'll definitely need a napkin close by at all times. But I'd trade a few stains for another go at this meal.

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