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Drinking in Season: Sake Melon Slush

Looking for a way to mix things up in the cocktail department, I decided to combine two of my favorite things, dessert and cocktails. I paired fruity shaved ice with cool sake to create a delicious, boozy granita.

Granitas are incredibly simple to make and are a great way to highlight the fresh flavors of the season. I used a cantaloupe because of its sweet and musky flavor and added a little fresh ginger and lime juice to jazz it up. The sake lends a light flavor that works well with the subtle flavor of the melon.

After blending all the ingredients in a blender and letting them freeze for a few hours, I had snowcone in a glass—light and fluffy orange-hued flakes with a sweet melon fragrance. It's a deliciously cool end to a summer meal.

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