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Dinner Tonight: Grilled Portobello and Peach Sandwich

[Photograph: Blake Royer]

I was careful about titling this recipe because, as you might notice, there's a particular word absent from the title. It starts with a "b" and usually refers to something made out of pure fresh-ground beef (and once in a while, lamb or even pork). No, a grilled mushroom is not a replacement for this thing. But on its own terms, a grilled portobello is a wonderful—dare I say "meaty"—sandwich mainstay, especially when paired with an incredibly ripe grilled peach. I love it when savory and sweet get along this nicely.

I adapted this recipe from one in Design*Sponge's excellent "In the kitchen with" series featuring the blog Green Kitchen Stories. In addition to the mushroom—which is marinated in garlicky, herb-flecked olive oil—a mashed avocado spread adds the crucial creamy element, and peppery arugula provides a fresh counterpoint.

If you can get your hands on some great peaches, this is a pretty satisfying dinner to celebrate the last few days of grilling season.

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