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Dinner Tonight: Tofu, Green Bean and Shiitake Salad

I already knew I loved Thai and Lao salads. The dressing alone—a mix of lime, fish sauce, sugar, chile, and fresh herbs—does something spectacular to my brain, especially when it's really hot outside. But usually there's some kind of meat involved. So, how would the dish work with tofu and shiitakes? I never would have given it a shot had Nancie McDermott not recommended the combo in Food & Wine.

Though it doesn't quite have the same fierce freshness as larb, it's still a worthy variation, especially if you need something vegetarian for dinner. Thanks to a good helping of soy sauce, the mushrooms come out even meatier than usual. You do need to make sure the green beans are very tender, otherwise they'll throw everything off. I still think some toasted rice powder would have improved the dish, but this is definitely worth the effort.

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