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Dinner Tonight: Sautéed Andouille and Greens With Grits

It was time for more grits in my life. For some reason, I had always assumed they were a pain to prepare, and that the instant variety was my only quick option (always underwhelming). But then I noticed that a package for regular grits claimed to only take about 20 minutes—a totally practical weeknight option, right?

To test this claim out, I decided to modify a recipe from Real Simple, swapping out the instant for the real thing, to see what would happen.

You do have to cook them for a little longer (20 minutes instead of six) but the extra time is more than worth it. The grits come out creamy and rich. They're the perfect base for full-flavored greens, which are boiled first then sautéed in sausage fat. Yum. Since you're already going for real grits, try to track down some good andouille, or, at the very least, another fine smoked sausage.

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