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Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Green Meatballs and Herb Sauce

On my windowsill, I have a couple windowboxes that are overflowing with herbs. It's easy enough to plant some basil, parsley, and chives seedlings in June, and as long as they're in the sun and you water them, they tend to grow like crazy. In fact, my biggest hurdle is not the typical gardener's problem where nothing grows—my problem is I can barely use enough of them. Eventually, herbs will turn tough and woody, and now is the perfect time of year to use up your herb garden.

Which is why this recipe from the New York Times Sunday magazine came at the right time. It argues for thinking of herbs not just as a garnish, but as the center of a great dish (we've all had pesto, but that's just one way to do it). An absolutely epic amount of chopped herbs (three cups by the end) are mixed into juicy meatballs and pureed with garlic and olive oil into a simple sauce. It's rich and meaty, fragrant from the herbs, and honestly one of the better recipes I've cooked in months.

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