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Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

[Photographs: Sarah Jane Sanders]

This recipe is essentially for Fauxreos, but with the addition of hot coffee to create a thick, cake-like batter that is spread with a spatula, not rolled out.

The coffee here, both in instant and liquid form, is essential to the end flavor. I promise, once baked they don't have perceptible coffee flavor. If coffee's a problem for you, it still is a darned fine chocolate wafer without it, but the flavor will be a little off base. Simply omit the instant espresso and replace the hot coffee with hot water or tea.

A double batch of the "Blizzard" ice cream works perfectly in this recipe (sans Oreos of course), but use any ice cream you like.

Note: All measurements are in weights, as volume measures can be very imprecise. I strongly recommend using a scale for all pastry projects. Serious Eats' recommended kitchen scale is the Oxo Good Grips Scale with Pull Out Display.

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