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Munich Helles

Munich Helles is a delicious but technically demanding style to brew. Follow these guidelines carefully and you will be happy with the result!

OG: 1.048
FG: 1.010
ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 22
SRM: 3.2

Be sure to make a starter for your yeast because of the cold fermentation temperature.

Note: The recipe below is for extract brewing. For an all-grain alternative, substitute 9.5 pounds Pilsner Malt for the Pilsner liquid malt extract, and 1 pound Munich or Vienna Malt for the Munich or Vienna liquid malt extract. You can add the 0.25 pound Melanoidin Malt to the mash, or steep it as you would for the extract version. Mash at 150°F. Sparge and lauter the mash into the kettle and bring to a boil, then proceed to step 4 below.

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