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Homebrewing: Sorachi Ace and Simcoe IPA (For Beginners)

[Photograph: Sarah Postma]

This is an extract-style homebrewing recipe which is written for the beginning level homebrewer. This brew can be made using the basic homebrewing equipment setup, but you will also need a kettle that is at least 7.5 gallons due to the large amount of hops. A secondary fermentation vessel (bucket or carboy) for the dry-hopping process is also recommended.

As your beer cools, always keep proper sanitation as priority number one. Mix up at least three gallons of sanitizing solution in your sanitizing bucket (either Iodophor or Star San), and sanitize every utensil that comes in contact with the wort after the boil is complete. Before you transfer your wort to the fermentation vessel, pour the sanitizer into the vessel and swirl the sanitizer around so it touches every surface, then pour it back into the sanitizing bucket. There is no need to rinse the sanitizer or foam off of anything you use—there will be no residual flavor and the residue will actually help to keep everything clean.

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