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Dinner Tonight: Brown Risotto with Summer Squash, Favas, and Mint

[Photograph: Blake Royer]

I'm pretty fond of dishes that use vegetables with hearty grains or pasta—such as farro or quinoa—because they're simple and satisfying, but I'd not yet tried a risotto with brown rice. This one uses a light vegetable stock to produce a dish that's rich and creamy enough to be satisfying, but light enough to work in warm weather.

I knew I could trust Nigel Slater to publish a recipe for brown rice risotto that would actually be delicious. The way he writes about food always reminds me to remember the pleasures of eating, especially done simply and seasonally. His brown rice risotto—cooked with a short-grain brown rice, which is essential to giving it its starchy, creamy consistency—is slightly chewier and nuttier than a traditional risotto, but lightened up with vegetal shredded summer squash and a punch of mint leaves added in at the last moment. If you can find short-grain brown rice, give this one a try.

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