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Brioche Monkey Bread

Looks ugly, tastes amazing. [Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

I first encountered monkey bread while in college. My old roommate's version involved tossing biscuits-from-a-can with melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon, then baking the concoction in our dorm's toaster oven. At the time, I thought she was a genius, and the snack fueled many a cram session during my freshman year.

I'm thankful that my palate and baking know-how has vastly improved since then. Learning to make brioche dough has allowed me to delve into all kinds of new frontiers, but I think this decadent recipe for monkey bread is my crowning achievement with the dough. I've added a caramel to the mix, and turned up the spice with ginger and nutmeg. It's definitely not diet food, and it's highly addictive. It's a perfect sweet for serving at brunch with lots of people around. Making it alone is too dangerous.

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