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Padma Lakshmi's Red Stripe Beer Chicken

Hearty, simple, and lovingly rough around the edges, this is exactly the recipe one would not expect to find in Padma Lakshmi's Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet. It's a chicken cooked in a whole lot of Red Stripe beer. It looks like a mess, and I was ready to hate it, but it works.

After 45 minutes, the beer lends a relatively gentle aroma to the meat and all the vegetables turn out delightful. It's a satisfying dinner but actually even better as leftovers. (I shredded the chicken and used the leftover broth to create something like a chicken and potato soup.)

The hardest part, by far, is sauteing the whole chicken. The process is difficult in any circumstance and especially so in a large pot where it's hard to move the chicken around. My pot also wasn't large enough, apparently; there wasn't enough room to cook the chicken and vegetables. You could cut the chicken up into serving pieces but you'd need to adjust the cooking times. I simply added the whole chicken in without sauteing it, and the results were great.

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