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Dinner Tonight: Pan-Fried Tofu with Dark Sweet Soy Sauce

This recipe from Jaden Hair's The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook is the kind of pantry meal that I can get behind. If, like me, you have most of these sauces in the fridge, then all you need is a block of tofu, one serrano chile, and some scallions.

The tofu is pan-fried until golden, then removed. The sauce gets poured in and cooked for less than a minute. If you're totally prepared, this will be done in under 15 minutes, though there's absolutely no shame in taking your time and stretching this out to 20 minutes.

The only challenge is getting the tofu perfectly browned. If you're not careful, the tofu can cook unevenly, and even turn black in spots. That said, if there is too little oil, the tofu may stick to the pan. Everything else is a breeze. The sauce is simple, whisked together in a bowl, and the chiles and scallions are sprinkled on at the end.

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