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Lemon-Scented Cocktail Onions

This recipe is adapted from a recipe that Todd Thrasher provided to Imbibe magazine. I've moderately increased the amount of onions, and decreased the quantity of brine that the recipe produces.

I've also cut way down on the amount of sugar. Thrasher's recipe creates a sweet-sour pickle, and I'm not a fan of those. I feel that the onions are sweet enough on their own, and the vermouth I've added brings its own sweetness to the party. Feel free to use more or less sugar to your taste.

You can make a cheesecloth sachet to hold the spices, herbs, and zests, and then remove and discard the sachet after the onions are boiled. I prefer to keep the spices and herbs in the jars with the onions.

I've added lime zest and fresh thyme, both of which work well in cocktails. The result is a bright, citrusy onion that tastes fantastic in a Gibson.

The recipe calls for distilled white vinegar, but you can also use white wine vinegar, Champagne vinegar, apple-cider vinegar, or a blend; experiment!

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