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Grilling: Smoked Pork Belly Marinated in Char Siu Sauce

I was all ready to try to make a semi-traditional char siu with a hunk of pork belly when I remembered some leftover pineapple juice from Huli Huli Chicken, which would make a nice addition to the char siu sauce marinade.

I also opted to slow-smoke the belly over applewood rather than my traditional roasting method. This was, surprisingly, my first pork belly attempt but any anxiety was quickly dispelled when tasting the red-hued beauty that emerged after five hours in the smoker.

Though I did burn the skin a bit trying to crisp it over a fire that was packing too much heat, the charred crust did not hold back an otherwise excellent piece of pork belly. The insides were moist, tender, and juicy—that's almost a given when so much fat is involved—and the outside had a great crust that held the slightly sweet and salty flavor of the char siu sauce, providing the depth of flavor that resulted in four pounds of pork belly disappearing faster than I could have imagined.

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