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Grilling: Pinchos Morunos

I have a love/hate relationship with skewers. They're great when you have a lot of people over, cooking quick and to order, but they're also easy to overcook and not all that impressive. Rarely have I earned boasting rights from a skewered piece of meat.

Luckily, there are some solutions to make skewers better. First, brining helps the meat stay moist over the high heat of the grill, even if it stays over the flames a tad too long. Second is picking a great marinade.

The Andalusian region of Spain really has something going with the marinade for pinchos morunos, or "Moorish skewers." As the name implies, the spice mixture that adorns the pork is of Moorish influence and gives the meat an exotic, earthy flavor. Served in small tapas portions or the heftier skewers I went for, this is some meat-on-a-stick I can get behind.

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