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Cook the Book: Crab Salad with Lime and Avocado 

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

Creamy salads like chicken and tuna are pretty common summer lunchtime fare, but there's something about crab salad that feels like a special occasion. A little pricier than chicken and the chicken of the sea, crab is sweetly delicate, the sort of nuanced flavor that begs not to be overpowered.

This Crab Salad with Lime and Avocado from Patricia Wells' Salad as a Meal does crab right by lightly coating it in a creamy, tangy lemon-chive dressing with spoonfuls of fresh lime zest. Teeny diced bell pepper and celery are gently blended into the salad along with a handful of chopped cilantro (or parsley, if you prefer), for a rich and bright summery salad.

Scooped on top of a fanned avocado slices or piled into little butter lettuce cups, this elegant salad highlights the subtle flavors of the sweet crab with just the right amount of punchy citrus and rich cream.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Salad as a Meal to give away this week.

Reprinted with permission from Salad as a Meal by Patricia Wells, copyright © 2011. Published by William Morrow.

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