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Dinner Tonight: BLT, Animal-Style

I've made Kenji's astonishing replica of In-N-Out's Double-Double, Animal-Style so many times now that I can almost make it in my sleep. Part of the allure is how the toppings enhance every bite. The tangy sauce perfectly plays off the fresh vegetables, crisp pickles, and deeply caramelized onions. The combination of ingredients is so good that I've even created patty-less versions of the dish when I've run out ground beef.

Which brings us to the BLT. The burger already has lettuce and tomato, so what would happen if I got rid of the cheese, doubled the amount of tomato, and replaced the beef with bacon?

Obviously, a BLT is in no need of improvement. Still, the possibility of mixing the treasured summertime sandwich with what might be the best burger of all time was too good to pass up. Though not quite as perfect as the In-N-Out original, the creation still managed to be worth all the effort.

Much of that is due to the Animal sauce, which makes everything better. The only issue may have been the use of white bread; the bottom slice couldn't quite stand up to all the toppings. I suggest you eat fast. Also, much like a regular BLT, it is paramount to get great tomatoes for this.

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