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Zero Proof: Hawaiian Ginger Cooler

[Photo: Christianne Winthrop]

I've recently returned from a week-long family adventure in Hawaii, and alongside a gnarly sunburn and a few bags of li hing mui (also known as "crack seed"), I came back with this refreshing cooler recipe. It all started with a trip to the Honolulu farmer's market, and a local's warning to arrive before 10 am and beat the hoards of tourists.

We fought our way through the throngs of fanny packs, stopping for taro buns filled with pulled pork, tempura vegetables, sea asparagus, and other treats. After an hour, we discovered the ginger cooler stand.

The stand employees were squeezing halved calamansi, a small, super-sour citrus fruit, and tossing them in cups with handfuls of mint before topping up with mango and sparkling water. Since fresh calamansi isn't readily available in most of the country, I've used regular Persian limes in its place, and found that muddling the limes and mint together really releases the natural oils, making for more flavorful drink.

About the author: Christianne Winthrop is a freelance food writer, caterer and culinary instructor. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Bob and their beta fish, Hercules.

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