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Dinner Tonight: Warm Squid Salad

Cooking squid requires some special patience, as it needs to be cooked until white, but if you wait too long it'll turn into a rubbery little monster. But in this recipe from Jonathon Waxman's A Great American Cook, the squid just needs a few seconds in the scorching skillet, so it's easy to whip up. The sauce is made from rice wine vinegar, oil, and a whole bunch of aïoli, which gives each bite a garlic kick. Everything is then tossed with crisp greens. I found some amazing mizuna at the market, which worked perfectly.

If I have one complaint about the dish, it's that it may be a little overdressed. Essentially, you and three other people will be consuming about one cup of aïoli. If this is a problem for you, that can easily be fixed by cutting the amount in half. That said, it somehow works out, probably because the greens are kind of aggressive and the bread crumbs help soak it up. Using the full amount will bring it to restaurant-caliber decadence, while halving the amount is more practical for a weeknight meal. It's up to you.

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