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Strawberry Dream Pie Ice Cream

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

The goat cheese base for this ice cream is flexible enough for a range of fruits and other flavors. Want to use blueberries instead? This base is lemony enough for them. Prefer brownie chunks with a swirl of dulce de leche? Goat cheese is savory enough to counteract the sweetness. But it's pretty awesome with strawberries, as used here.

The graham cracker crust crumble used here complete the fruit-pie-with-whipped-cream idea, and add a salty, almost caramel tinge to the ice cream that plays quite nicely with the strawberries. It may just be a topping (mixing it into the ice cream will get it soggy), but it comes highly recommended.

It's the nature of strawberry ice cream that your berry chunks will get icy. You can do three things to help this though: cut your strawberries small (I slice them thin), macerate them in plenty of sugar and booze, and serve your ice cream warm enough that they've had a little time to soften. Right out of the freezer is too cold.

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