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Sauced: Mojo Sauce

Ever since discovering Mojo sauce as the "secret" ingredient to one of my favorite rotisserie chickens, I've been all over this stuff. As a marinade, baste, or dip, this pungent, acidic sauce packs a massive amount of flavor.

There are many varieties of Mojo, but it's the Cuban version that's stolen my heart. Sour orange juice serves as the tart base, with a hefty amount of garlic adding strong bite. Add oil along with oregano and cumin, which gives it an earthy background.

While my recipe has not changed much from my first batch, finding a local source for sour oranges has definitely made a difference, for the better. Prior to that I was using an equal mix of orange and lime or lemon juice, which is a decent approximation but if you want to go for gold, hunt out those sour oranges!

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