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Dinner Tonight: Potato and Pea Curry with Yogurt, Cumin, and Ginger

I nearly lost it when I saw fresh peas at the farmers' market. I handed over my money as quickly as possible for the neon green specimens. Though properly enthused, I didn't exactly have a recipe.

There are loads of options for peas and pasta, but few of them actually give the peas top billing. I didn't want them to be a minor component of some bigger dish; I wanted to showcase the fresh peas in the most dramatic way possible.

It didn't take me long to start thinking about Indian flavors. The combination of peas and paneer is always a great idea, but I didn't feel like making my own paneer at the time. Instead, I went with this recipe from At Home with Madhur Jaffrey. It pairs the peas and potatoes with cumin, yogurt, ginger, cayenne, coriander, and a little bit of asafetida. You can definitely use frozen peas instead of fresh ones, and it will actually take less time to cook if you do. That said, the flavor won't be quite the same.

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