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Dinner Tonight: Omelet Gramajo

Had I known, as Francis Mallmann claims in Seven Fires, that this omelet can be found at "just about every Argentine bodega and cafe," I might have made the trip down south before now.

What's not to love? It features crunchy fried potatoes—essentially, shoestring french fries—salty ham, and just enough eggs to hold them all together. Sure, it's fatty and indulgent, but the portion sizes are small.

The most tedious part is cutting the potatoes, as you want them to be matchstick-thin. A mandoline will save you loads of time, but I was able to get the job done with a very sharp knife. Then just fry them up for a few minutes until golden. I was unsure why the ham needed to be crisped up in the pan, but after one bite, I understood completely.

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