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Homebrewing: Dry Stout (For Intermediate Homebrewers)

[Photograph: Sarah Postma]

This is an all-grain homebrewing recipe which is about the same level of difficulty as the English Mild Ale recipe. Anyone who has completed 3 or 4 batches of extract homebrewing should have enough experience to be successful with the brew-in-a-bag method used here.

If this is your first all-grain style recipe, be sure to read through the post on mashing to become familiar with the language and method.

For this brew, you'll use the same equipment setup used for extract batches, but you will also need a kettle that is at least 7.5 gallons as well as an extra-large mesh grain bag. A second stockpot large enough to heat (not boil) 3 gallons of water is also recommended. An accurate brewing thermometer is very important when making an all-grain recipe; it's a good idea to check that yours is in good working condition.

The Kent Goldings hops I used for this batch had over a 6% Alpha Acid content, which is unusually high in my experience with this variety. If you find your Kent Goldings hops are around the more typical 4%AA, increase the 60 minute hop addition to 1.75 to 2 ounces.

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