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Dinner Tonight: Cold Soba Salad with Peppers and Ponzu Dressing

I was in need of something light and spicy to deal with the heat. Though I haven't always had the best luck with cold soba dishes, this recipe from The Perfect Pantry looked like exactly what I needed.

The sauce, which is made with ponzu, is lively and slightly tart, and the bell peppers add crunch and color. I, of course, added a sprinkling of togarashi for some heat, but it's optional.

I don't always have the best luck with cold soba. At its worst, the soba comes out gummy and water-logged. The key is to start with a very simple dish like this one. The soba is boiled, drained in a colander, then rinsed under cold water. Just make sure to let it drain again after the rinse—this solved most of my issues. Some sauteed shrimp or tofu would help bulk this out if you were really hungry, but it's absolutely perfect for those in need of a light summer meal.

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