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Dinner Tonight: Apple, Almond, and Smoked Mozzarella Farro Salad

I used to hate meals like this one. It didn't strike me so much as a dish as an excuse to toss everything imaginable into a bowl and call it dinner. Worst of all, there was something obnoxiously healthy about it all.

But, thanks to some supreme late-night hunger pangs, I was forced to sample this concoction, which my wife had been planning to take to work for lunch, from Simple Italian Snacks. And, completely against my will, I had to admit that I kind of loved it.

Why? Well, the combination of almonds, sweet dried cranberries, and apples is never bad, and the addition of smoked mozzarella adds another layer of flavor. The farro cooks up plump and distinct, making each bite filling. The wine-roasted garlic is easily the most complicated part of this very simple recipe, yet it gives each bite an indescribable edge.

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