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Zero Proof: Sparkling Cider Sangria

[Photo: Christianne Winthrop]

I'd tried every flavor from mint to passionfruit, added lemonade floaters and sugared the rim, but my iced tea habit was getting old. As refreshing as a glass of iced tea can be on a hot summer day, I needed something new and different.

This drink is halfway between a classic Arnold Palmer and a vivid red sangria. Adding ginger and blackberries to the tea punched up the flavor, and using sparkling apple cider instead of a sugar syrup gave it just the right amount of sweetness. Serve it in a wineglass garnished with blackberries—it's the perfect nonalcoholic thirst quencher for lounging on the front porch.

About the author: Christianne Winthrop is a freelance food writer, caterer and culinary instructor. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Bob and their beta fish, Hercules.

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