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Spirited Cooking: Strawberry Campari Tart

The sun is shining and it's finally time to gather up little green baskets overflowing with bright red strawberries in the market. Spring could not have come soon enough. My palate was bored stiff with root vegetables and the waning citrus season, but we've finally turned a corner and I'm happily eating strawberries by the cupful.

As exciting as the arrival of beautiful produce is, at some point we exhaust our inclination to eat them straight from the carton and must find new and interesting outlets for these juicy heart-shaped fruits. When you've reached that point, this Strawberry Campari Tart should make its way to your kitchen.

Strawberries still play the star, but the addition of Campari makes these berries feel all dolled up. A lush ruby red Italian bitter, Campari is known for its bold herbal bitterness with notes of rhubarb, berry, and a floral finish. Campari's complex flavors are a sensational balance for simply sweet strawberries.

A mixture of toasted oats, dark buckwheat flour, and crunchy poppy seeds form a sweet and nutty dough. The crumbly crust is filled with a soft mascarpone cream accented by a touch of Campari for a barely-blushing hue. Crowned generously with sweet and boozy fresh berries, this tart roused my taste buds from their winter slumber.

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