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Dinner Tonight: Stir Fried Rice Cake with Gochujang Sauce

One of my wife's favorite meals at the local Korean market is a simple dish of rice cakes in a bright red sauce. The rice cakes are tender to the touch and the sauce alternates between unbearably fierce and pleasantly sweet. I've made a version at home before, but I was looking for a humbler approach, one that wouldn't require a solid hour in the kitchen. This recipe from My Korean Kitchen works perfectly.

The hardest part about this recipe is tracking down the ingredients. Obviously, a Korean market is your best bet, but if you're not blessed with one nearby, it might require some searching. Luckily, once you have everything, it's an absolute breeze.

All you need is a hot wok and some vigorous stirring to get this done. This version doesn't have quite the same amount of complexity as a few of the other recipes I've tried, but it's much easier to pull together. Also, thanks to the cabbage and onion, it feels a little more rustic and satisfying.

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