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Gluten-Free Tuesday: Lemon Cookies

[Photographs: Elizabeth Barbone]

The Schwan's truck was one of the great mysteries of my childhood. It stopped at my aunt's house, delivering chips, cakes, and cookies, but why didn't it ever stop at mine? This baffled me. The most exciting thing delivered to our house was, well nothing as exciting as chips and cookies, let me tell you.

While my cousins happily scarfed down their Schwan's potato chips, my favorite treat were the powdered sugar-coated lemon shortbread cookies. I don't remember what Schwan's technically called them, but now I know these cookies as "lemon coolers."

This recipe recreates those lemon cookies. Thanks to the lack of a gluten structure, this version is especially tender. And, as with the Schwan's cookies, you must beware of the powdered sugar dust all over your lips.

Allergy-Free: While these cookies are naturally free of eggs and other common allergens, they do contain butter. To make them dairy-free, use a solid dairy-free shortening. When I made the cookies without butter, I worried they'd lack flavor. While the delicate butter flavor was missing, I thought the lemon flavor appeared brighter in the dairy-fee version.

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone of joins us every Tuesday with a new gluten-free recipe. Elizabeth is an alumna of the Culinary Institute of America and Mount Mary College. With her solid professional baking background, Elizabeth is known for creating gluten-free recipes that taste just like their wheat counterparts. She is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking.

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