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Bread Baking: Long Loaves

[Photograph: Donna Currie]

I'm not going to call these French bread or baguettes, because they are neither. What they are, though, is good. My secret weapon, semolina flour, adds a richness to the bread that I love.

These are softer loaves. Still substantial, but also a bit airy. They're perfect for sandwiches—soft enough to bite into without breaking teeth or gouging the roof of your mouth with sharp crusty shards, but hearty enough to stand up to whatever fillings you choose. Or, you could slice them and serve them with your favorite pasta dish.

Since these loaves are so airy, it's best to slash them about 20 minutes into the rise. You can slash them later if you're really confident, but it's a little tricky since the loaves are so soft by then. The soft dough also makes these tend to stick to the plastic wrap you use to cover them. A little flour sprinkled on top will solve that problem.

About the author: Donna Currie has been cooking for fun and writing for pay since the days when typewritten articles traveled by snail mail. When she combined those talents in a food column for a newspaper in her area, she realized that writing about food is almost as much fun as eating. You can find her on her blog, Cookistry or follow her on Twitter at @dbcurrie.

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