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Sauced: Mint-Caper Sauce

I'm hitting up all of the holidays for Sauced—last week it was horseradish for Passover, and this week, a horseradish cream sauce with the leftovers plus a special extra edition for Easter.

Switching from brisket and matzo to ham and lamb is something I had to get used to in the early days of my relationship with the Easter-celebrating wife, but now one without the other just seems wrong. Focusing in on the lamb, Easter seems to be the only holiday where this great meat gets its due as the centerpiece of the occasion.

Although wonderful enough alone, lamb is ripe for sauces, which tend to balance the natural, sometimes heavy flavors. No sauce plays that part more often than mint.

While researching traditional mint sauces, I stumbled across a few that added capers into the mix, which intrigued me. I tried out this simple one from Martha Stewart. Easy to make, yet complex in flavor, the capers added a sharpness that gets livened up by lemon juice and zest. Both worked seamlessly with the mint, combining into a unified sauce that did wonders on my rotisserie leg of lamb.

Adapted from Martha Stewart.

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