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Matzo Toffee With Almonds

Each day this week, Olga Massov of Sassy Radish will share a different Passover recipe with us, which begins at sundown on Monday, April 18. --The Mgmt.

Andrew, my boyfriend and a willing recipe-taster (not to be confused with a tester—c'est moi!) pronounced this recipe the reason Passover will be awesome this year. I couldn't agree more—we could not stop eating this candy-slash-cookie. I don't really know what it is, but I can tell you this much: My stomach thanks me, but my hips do not, even though I did use whole wheat matzo.

The trick to making matzo toffee impossible to put down is simple: generous sprinkling of fleur de sel. The salt combined with the bittersweet chocolate and butter pretty much spells doom for everyone who comes in contact with it. If you make this for your guests on Passover, I guarantee glee and gratitude all around.

Like coconut? Try this version.

About the author: Olga Massov writes a popular blog Sassy Radish where she shares food stories and spruced-up comfort foods. Her Russian heritage makes sure she always has room for herring.

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