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Matzo Brei With Pear And Dried Sour Cherries

Each day this week, Olga Massov of Sassy Radish will share a different Passover recipe with us, which begins at sundown on Monday, April 18. —The Mgmt.

[Photograph: Olga Massov]

Perhaps it is because my sweet tooth is most active in the mornings when I crave pancakes and waffles—a Passover no-no—that I have been devising plans to get excited about the holiday rather than view it as a set of restrictions and challenges.

In the last few years, I figured out a trick to looking forward to Passover: plan all kinds of vegetable dishes you like, roast chickens, make brisket, and put matzo to good use. I like to think of matzo as a blank canvas; it can do pretty much anything you want it to—just put your mind to it. Breakfast is never dull with matzo, spread with cream cheese and topped with cucumbers and dill (or lox!). Or, you can do what I do and make this sweet and utterly delicious matzo brei with pears and dried sour cherries.

You get a bite of sweet with a touch of sour—I wind up making matzo brei most of the days and I never tire of it.

About the author: Olga Massov writes a popular blog Sassy Radish where she shares food stories and spruced-up comfort foods. Her Russian heritage makes sure she always has room for herring.

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