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Dinner Tonight: Fish with Saffron-Tomato Cous Cous

Usually, my go-to technique when cooking fish is to crank up the heat for a smoking hot sear. The theory goes that fish, especially white-fleshed varieties, are pretty mild in flavor, so the more caramelization and flavor that can be built into the cooking process, the better. Of course, that all falls apart when you taste a recipe like this, with the fish resting in a broth so intensely flavored you don't need much else.

I pulled the excellent recipe from Seafood all Siciliana, and it's based on a traditional Sicilian dish known as cous cous di pesce, the base of the recipe is an elixir of saffron, tomato paste, red chile flakes, and fish stock, much of it sucked up by the chewy cous cous. The fish is delicately poached and added just at the end. With a scatter of crunchy toasted almonds to finish, it's a pretty fine dinner.

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