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Dinner Tonight: Asparagus and Bacon on Buttered Toast

On paper this recipe from Saveur shouldn't work. Essentially this is just buttered toast with bacon and some asparagus. So why is it so good? Perhaps it's that I'm just finally able to get some good asparagus, and that nothing is really going to taste bad with bacon.

But there is something about the simplicity that's really appealing, too. Like a perfect BLT during late summer, you could add all kinds of toppings to this sandwich, but it doesn't really need anything else. That said, I'm sure a nicely fried egg wouldn't hurt. (Because when would it?)

Frying up bacon and toasting bread couldn't really be much easier. As far as cooking asparagus, the original recipes calls for steaming them for about 15 to 20 minutes. Though that will definitely work, I've become quite a fan of microwaving asparagus, a method Barbara Kafka recommends in Vegetable Love. It worked beautifully.

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