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Time for a Drink: the Weeski

[Photograph: Wes Rowe]

With an approachable yet distinctive flavor, Irish whiskey isn't called for in a great many cocktails, but there are a few drinks that are handy to have in your repertoire when the Powers comes out to play. Here's a contemporary cocktail that features Irish whiskey to good effect: the Weeski.

Created by cocktail historian David Wondrich, the Weeski matches the fullness of Irish with the bright floral flavor of the French aperitif wine Lillet, with a little Cointreau to help round out the bright, orangey flavor of the drink. The name is an imagined Gallic twist on the Celtic usquebaugh, and the drink's character is, as Wondrich describes, "suave, subtle, and utterly untrustworthy." Sometimes on a Friday evening, a gallant scoundrel of a drink is exactly what's needed to start the weekend right.

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