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Serious Heat: Sizzling Shrimp Popcorn with Jalapeños

[Photo: Andrea Lynn]

I once saw a friend top their movie popcorn with the pickled jalapeños meant for the nachos—confiding that they enjoyed not just the spice of the chiles in their popcorn, but also the pickling juice oozing all over it. Then I came across Todd English's recipe for Sizzling Shrimp Popcorn with Jalapeños and was further intrigued. I wasn't sure about the recipe--okay, I'm down to try fresh jalapeños topped over my popcorn but adding shrimp to the mix? However, I'm an equal-opportunity popcorn eater, so I gave it a whirl.

Guess what? It's delicious. Bites of butter-drenched Parmesan popcorn are combined with jalapeño slices and parsley. Each bite offers a varied taste and mouth sensation. I polished off the entire bowl before I even knew it. This is just begging to be served during a movie night. Just be careful regarding the chiles. When you're eating the popcorn, don't use your fingers to touch your eyes, or it could result in a sting from the chiles.

About the author: Andrea Lynn is a freelance writer/ recipe developer specializing in spicy and Southern food. Her favorite chile is a tie between the mild yet flavorful poblano and the mighty, reliable fire of the serrano. Follow her on Twitter at Alynn27 or get more info at

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