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Cook the Book: Piedmontese Peppers

[Photographs: David Loftus]

These Piedmontese Peppers from At Elizabeth David's Table are so lovely and simple. The nearly effortless antipasto is full of the bright Mediterranean flavors that David is known for. Bell peppers are halved and filled with little chunks of anchovy, tomato, garlic, and butter, then get a drizzle of olive oil and touch of salt.

Once roasted, the anchovies and garlic melt together with the tomatoes creating a salty, oily dressing that coats the peppers. Served at room temperature with lots of crusty bread for mopping, these peppers work as a first course, side, or even a sandwich or salad topper.

If you're making them for a crowd, try a colorful assortment of baby bell peppers in place of the full-sized ones. Stuffed with cherry tomatoes, these tiny peppers become chewier when roasted.

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Adapted from At Elizabeth David's Table by Elizabeth David. Copyright © 2011. Published by Ecco. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved.

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