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Guinness Week: Stout Beef Stew

[Photograph: Caroline Ford]

Note: In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day, we've deemed this week Guinness Week, and we'll be offering up five luscious stout-based recipes, thanks to Spirited Cooking columnist Caroline Ford. Take it away, Caroline!—The Mgmt.

This Guinness stew begs you to tuck in for a warm, soul-satisfying meal. A little carrot, a little potato, loads of sweet cipollini onion, and tender chunks of beef: it's a simple dish but such a good one. The only accompaniment you'll need is a crusty loaf of bread and big glass of bold red wine...or a pint of Guinness.

Don't skip the lemon and parsley garnish; it pulls the whole dish together. If you can't find cipollini onions, you can substitute pearl onions. If both elude you, quartered yellow onions will do the trick.

For the meat, skip the extra lean stew meat for chuck roast with a bit more fat. Your butcher will be happy to cut two pounds into pieces for you, and the flavor will be better. The stew can easily be made the day ahead and reheated to serve, in fact, the flavor will only improve.

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