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Dinner Tonight: Senegalese Curried Carrot Soup

I don't know enough about Senegalese cuisine to vet whether this recipe is authentic—in fact I'm pretty sure I've never eaten a dish that someone claimed was truly Senegalese—but if this recipe is any indication, it's time I remedied this lack of knowledge. This is the carrot soup for people who hate carrot soup. There is something very surprising about it; how creamy and rich it is without a trace of cream (milk is used instead), the surprisingly perfect affinity of sweet carrots with complex curry spices.

As far as simple, deeply flavored recipes go, this one is a model citizen. A base of onions softened in butter start off the proceedings, then the carrots and spices and either vegetable or chicken stock. Simmered and pureed then thinned just-so with warm milk and topped with thick yogurt, it is the kind of soup you have in a restaurant and wonder about the recipe. It's also surprisingly filling as a main course. The secret: find some excellent, fresh curry powder to ensure the best flavor.

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