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Guinness Week: Stout-Battered Onion Rings

I've noshed on any number of beer-battered onion rings, but they usually don't really truly taste like beer. Any bland beer can help to keep them light and crunchy, but why not up the ante and use a beer with more flavor? The stout-based batter on these onion rings makes them much more flavorful. Throw in a little spice, some tangy mustard, a touch of honey for sweetness, and the package is complete.

These onion rings couldn't be easier to prepare. That is, as long as you're up for hanging out with a pot of hot oil for an hour or so while you daydream about biting into a crisp, hot onion ring.

Or use my tactic and selflessly dispose of any "too small" or "slightly misshapen" results—those just aren't fit for serving to others anyway.

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