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Whiskey Wieners

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

This recipe comes from our own Meredith Smith, who once made them at a hot dog party of mine (not to be confused with a sausage party). They were by far the most popular snack of the evening, and also by far the easiest to make.

They've got whiskey and wieners, they take two minutes to put together, they're eaten with toothpicks, and everybody except the snootiest of the snoots loves them.

By the way, even after several hours of slow-cooking, the whiskey aroma can still be quite powerful. And of course, the best thing to pair whiskey wieners with is... whiskey.

I've heard that some people choose to throw alliteration to the wind and serve Tequila Wieners, but that sounds just a bit too wild for me.

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