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Dinner Tonight: Uncle Lang's Three Teacup Chicken

Like pound cake, three teacup chicken refers to the "small Chinese teacup," which is used to "measure the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar." At least that's what Grace Young and Alan Richardson claim for this rendition in The Breath of a Wok. Cute anecdote aside, what's amazing is how simple this sauce is to make. It's tart, sweet, astonishingly complex. Plus it comes together in a matter of seconds, and pairs nicely with the chicken.

Though it's an optional ingredient in the official recipe, I really can't emphasize enough how important the Sichuan peppercorns are. At first, I didn't even notice them in the sauce. But after a minute or so, I started to feel the slight tingle on my lips—I needed to eat more. It became an addiction, and to save myself from sipping all the sauce with a spoon, I used the broccoli to soak it up. (I'd suggest you do the same.)

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