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Time for a Drink: Bishop

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As I wrote on Wednesday, it's cold out there. But unless you live in Florida or Southern California and have been so distracted by the sunshine and clear skies, you probably already knew that. Fortunately for this frigid time of year, there are hot drinks to help you through. Here's a warming cup that's not too boozy, but still flavorful and just strong enough to correct your posture after an hour spent shoveling snow: the Bishop.

This recipe was printed in January's issue of Esquire , where cocktail historian David Wondrich noted that Dickens was particularly fond of this variety of Bishop. It's easy to see why: it's not too difficult to prepare (assuming you don't mind baking an orange), it's thoroughly warming, and absolutely delicious.

Better yet, it makes plenty for a crowd, which provides an even better way to beat the winter blahs.

Use a decent-ish port without going overboard; Six Grapes works well. Serve the Bishop in small cups so it can be drunk before getting cold, and if you need a little more octane, feel free to give the mix a good slug or three of cognac.

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