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Dinner Tonight: Sriracha Marinara with Meatballs

I'm not sure why it's never occurred to me to squeeze some Sriracha into tomato sauce. The complex spiciness goes well on just about everything, and in a marinara, it's a bit more interesting than a basic pinch of red chile flakes which you see much more often. What you end up with is a sauce that's slightly sweet, slightly vinegary, slightly garlicky, and definitely spicy. It does wonders to liven up a mainstay.

The recipe, from Everyday Food magazine, also features some pretty healthy meatballs that are made up of almost as much spinach as they are meat, held together with egg whites, cooked under a broiler with a minimum of fat.

They may not be the most succulent meatballs you've ever had, but they're certainly lighter. Either way, the technique of cooking them under a broiler is fantastic--simpler, with no fat spattering all over the stovetop.

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