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Dinner Tonight: Squash and Mushroom Hominy

I'll be honest—I don't eat much hominy. I have nothing against it, it's just not in my weekly rotation. When I do have it, it's usually in a fine bowl of Mexican posole. But the South also has a way with those fat corn kernels, and this recipe from the Matt and Ted Lee's epic Southern Cookbook jumped out at me because it looked both filling and vegetable heavy. Thanks to the bacon, it's not vegetarian, but still qualifies as a meat-light meal.

At first I worried for this dish. When it was about 99% done, it tasted bland and watery. Nothing stood out. Luckily, at the very last second you add some parsley and lemon zest, and suddenly the dish comes alive. It has this haunting citrus nose, with a hearty base thanks to the squash and mushrooms.

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