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Dinner Tonight: Pork Chops with Pear and Vidalia Pan Gravy

This recipe from The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook may sound fancy with that "Vidalia pan gravy," but I was born close enough to the South—I know smothered pork chops when I see them. Of course, with the addition of pears and sherry, this is easily the most complex version of smothered pork chops I've ever encountered.

The chops are coated with a seasoned flour, cooked until golden, and served with a flavorful gravy made with loads of onions and black pepper. The sauce is thick and savory, just the kind of dish you really need for a freezing cold week.

Two other factors are really important for the success of this dish. First, it's best to seek out some real Vidalia onions, or at least spring for sweeter onions. Second, don't even think about using skinny little chops. The thicker cut chops are essential so you can really get a great crust on these guys without overcooking them.

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