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Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings 

[Photograph: Leo Gong]

Honestly I never thought I'd find a wing recipe that would measure up to the classic Buffalo combo of Frank's Red Hot and butter. The honey-chipotle-barbecue wings usually pale in comparison to the vinegary, spicy original. But these Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings from The Sriracha Cookbook are a game changer when it comes to sweet-spicy wings.

Even though Sriracha can be pretty spicy, there are undeniable sweet elements to this sauce, but the half cup of orange blossom honey doesn't make it over-the-top sweet. The lime juice balances it all out. The sour edge plays up the spice and dulls the sugar perfectly. I served mine with the usual accompaniments (celery sticks and blue cheese dressing) but I'm looking forward to making them again with cucumber spears and a creamy dressing made with cilantro and toasted sesame oil.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The Sriracha Cookbook to give away this week.

Adapted from The Sriracha Cookbook. Copyright © 2010. Published by Ten Speed Press. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved.

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